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Wednesday, 25 May 2022
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Establishing company

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In order to establish your company in Bosnia you will need:

  • Certified copy of of company registration in your country (X3)
  • Translation of company registration by authorized translator (X5)
  • Insure minimum amount for capital of 1000 EUR and deposit it to a bank of your choice ( Raiffeisen Bank recommended )
  • Power of attorney for the person that signed the decision to establish a company in  competent court.
  • Decision of establishment will be provided by us and will be translated into the language of the country.
  • In the case of physical entity is founder of a company then you will require a copy of his passport (X4)
  • If it is a mixed ownership company, procedure is the same, except that the agreement of establishment of the company is made and certified by the competent court.
  • Appoint a Director who must have at least temporary residence in BiH.
  • Submit a copy of director's last finishing school diploma (X2) and ID card (X4)
  • Deposited signature in the municipality (counter hall 16) in the form which we will create (X4)

Included in service:

  • Making the founding act,
  • Registration of foreign investment by the competent ministries,
  • Business registration with the competent court,
  • Making a company seal,
  • Notification of the national Bureau of Statistics (Registration number),
  • Opening an account within the bank of zour choice,
  • Notification of the Republic Customs Administration, Tax Authority and Tax Administration,
  • Applying the competent municipality for work permit,
  • Deadline of registration is 10-20 days.

For the operation of the company, it is necessary to provide the appropriate office space, depending on the business:

A minimum of one office is required.

Wholesale: Storage space

Retailers:    Retail Space